Random Thought

Random question.

What do you do when you randomly search an old friends name on a social media site and actually find them? They are male and you are not. You were never sexual partners yet you were the best of friends. You had no reason to stop being friends, life just somehow went different directions for you both and after 1 years and a whole lot of curiosity, you finally look them up. So now the question becomes….do you reach out to them or not? I use a pen name for all my social media sites for personal reasons so identifying my request to be friends may not be easily recognized. Should I try anyway and privately message them and explain who I am? Just add or friend them and cross my fingers or just forget I found them in the first place? Why am I so freakin nervous about all of this? Part of the drift apart so many years ago was his first wife, )I had no idea he was divorced and re-married until I found him.) did not like that he had a female as a best friend. I do not want the new wifey to do the same thing. SO…..throw some suggestions my way. I have never shied away from anything but for some reason, this one is a nail bitter for me.

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