So I have a few tattoos. Most are covered up that when I am at work,  the are less visible. Today there seems to be so many people with ink, that I often wonder if my next one could be a little more noticeable to everyone. The problem I face is the type of ink I want, the meaning behind it for me and what others may perceive it as and is it worth it. Yes I will be getting new tattoos, but the question I pose is this….should we, in today’s society, be forced to still conform to the stuffed shirt of or parents and grand-parents professional and personal culture or should we try and evolve with the times and be allowed to openly and proudly express our individuality without scrutiny or backlash. (keep in mind, I am not talking about openly offensive tattoos or tats on the face, I am talking about tats that express who you are and show the world your uniqueness.)

The pictures are not of my tattoos, I got them from the web to show different images and expressions.

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