I am without words….totally disgusted

At what point does one parent get to just destroy another parent for talking shit about their child? AT some point a person needs to grow up and realize that saying high school type things is not only going to make you look like an idiot, especially if you are over 50, but your teen-age children and their friends will lose whatever respect they has for you.

One of my daughters has a weight problem. She has been a chunky child her whole like and much of it is thyroid related. On top of that, yes…she is a bit lazy and as most kids her age do, loves to sit around and play video games. Ok, maybe I am supposed to force her off of her ass and shame her into doing something about it but I don’t. I encourage her to her out more, to exercise, to eat healthy but the more I do, the more my teen pushes back. She is not ashamed of her weight at all. She is who she is and proud of it….as she should be. But when one of her closest friends mothers has the nerve to attack my child’s weight, say viscous nasty things about her to her own daughter, my daughters best friend. while my daughters is on the phone with hers so she can hear every horrible thing said about her, I do believe things have gone too far. I was asked not to confront the mother because it would make things worse for the friend. The friend is 18 years old and still controlled by her parents like she is disobedient delinquent. She is not. The friend is very sweet, shy and not strong enough to stand up to her own mother. Unlike my daughter who has no problem telling me how it is and what she thinks, good or bad. I want to let this woman know that she has overstepped a boundary that is not only off limits but seriously making me consider violence towards her. Yes, I want to kick some fat old woman ass for her lack of decency and respect towards my kid! So friends help me out here….is hearing that someone that is supposed to be an adult and a parent and a supportive individual is talking such trash about your child simply because she thinks she can, and not only talking trash about her but doing it to her own child who is my child’s best friend, while she is on the phone and can hear everything, a good reason to want to verbally attack her or not. I promised I would not be physical with this woman. jail colors are not my color anyway, but I really feel the need to put her in her place. Should I say something or keep my mouth shut? What  would you do?

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