Passive/ Agressive managers

So yesterday I had to deal with me boss after a fuck up on my part. Now I know many of you are probably already thinking, “hey…you messed up. She had the right to be irked at you.” Well on that, you would be correct. The issue is not that I messed up or that she got pissed about it. It was how the issue was handled. So a little background; I just started this job 2 months ago come the 9th of July. I am in an industry I know absolutely NOTHING about and they still hired me. Mostly due to my ability to rip apart and re-write contracts, my past admin experience and my HR background. My ability to not be offended by anything any one has to say helped too. I am learning this ginormous CRM / company database system that is just so intricate that it boggles the mind and most of the employees here only use part of it. I have to learn everyone’s pieces. Apparently I needed to do this in less than 2 moths with pretty much no training. YAY me! So ya, I have made a few mistakes, and I have owned up to them and corrected them/ Apparently my boss picked this 2nd time to tell me she may not have faith that I can be here assistant if I could not fix my error, by myself. I did but not knowing what the hell to do in the first place did not help. I keep being told that there will be time spent with me teaching me this shit yet every time I ask for it, she is busy or says , “give me like 20 minutes and 5 hours later she says, “maybe tomorrow. SO the passive aggressive crap is her pretty much threatening my competence and my job  but then when I fix it, tell her, she agrees it is correct…..and she shows up to the office the next day….she won’t look at me, she kept her door closed (which is a first since starting here.) and she blatantly made it obvious she wanted nothing to do with me. Ok FIIIINE. I get it, you are mad. But at 56 years old lady, try talking to me about it rather than acting like a put out 5 year old. When I finally just walked into her closed office, I told her I was sorry yet again, explained that with more training these mistakes would be non-issues and that she was deliberately making me feel stupid, which I know I can be in some situations but not in the workplace. She glared at me like I just kicked fer cat and she was debating on scratching my eyes out or peeing on my leg. Eventually I made her understand what was the real problem and things became a little better but then today it feels as if she is still all kinds of pissed yet will not openly say so. Now she is being that uber sickly sweet yet still not training me.

I am by no means perfect and I throw my own 5 year old temper-tantrums. I also know that mistakes are made and you correct them, learn from it and move on. I also expect some sort of follow through as to WHY they happened in the first place. Do not blame me if you tell me to do something, it end up not being 100% right and you get pissed, if you never gave me the tools to do it right in the first place.

So….how unreasonable am I being? Be honest. If I am over-reacting I would like someone to tell me. If not, give me suggestions for solutions please.

Thank you

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