4th of July adventure

So, this year on the 4th of July I took my family on an adventure. We decided to go to Long Beach WA to partake in the street fair festivities, watch a parade and fireworks display. Of course there was no place to stay in Long Beach so we headed over the HUGE bridge to Astoria OR to stay the night. Of course we has to explore Long Beach, Astoria and Sea Side and on the way back to rest up for the fireworks, we thought we would find a great place to watch them in Astoria so as not to fight the traffic when all was said and done. So….we followed a bunch of cars up a big ole hill and found a great lookout point that had this amazing column with all kinds of really pretty pictures all over it. We had some amazing views all around us and we were able to see firework displays form 5 different cities from our vantage point. All in all we had a great 2 days of fun and finding really cool things like the column. I have pictures of a lot of the views and the column which, lights up at night and a few other things we saw on the hill top. Too coolios. It is amazing the history and fantastic things you can discover that are right under your nose when you take the time to look and enjoy it all. )

What was your family 4th adventure like? Please share.

Here is a link to the Astor Column in Astoria OR if you are interested in checking it out.


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